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Our technological recruitment boutique provides outsourcing and placement services for senior positions and experts in the high-tech and technology world. Our clients include large, medium, and advanced start-up companies, mainly in the FinTech and Medical sectors. We have years of experience in recruiting technology, identifying, and adapting human capital, enabling us to find the right employees for the organization and the relevant job.

In our company, unique recruitment methods are carried out which combine technological activity through sophisticated information systems, combined with extensive activity in social networks, all in order to pinpoint the employees needed for your company.

At Extreme you get a winning combination of rich experience, a power of a large group, and a personalized "boutique" approach tailored to your needs.

Our extensive activity in technology projects, in software, high-tech, and hardware markets in Israel and the demands of our customers led us to establish a technological recruitment boutique that provides a variety of recruitment solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our large talent pool includes experts in all areas of high-tech and focuses mainly on the following areas: Software and Hardware Engineering, Project Management, Automation, Cyber and Data Security, DevOps, Infrastructure, and Big Data. This quality database enables us to meet the needs of various jobs quickly and precisely.

In addition to our locating capabilities in the existing database, our recruitment team specializes in locating talents through advanced technological systems and social networks. Therefore, we know how to ensure success in the process of adjustment and accompaniment from the moment the position is accepted to the absorption of the candidate.

Our process is based on the value of "quality over quantity", during the course of our work with the customers, we have seen that the ability to understand the need and to adjust the limited number of quality candidates is seven times more appreciated by the candidates and by our clients.

We ensure that the requirements and complexity of the position are accurately examined and adapted to suit candidates. The results speak for themselves - our pool of candidates is growing with customers returning after successful placement.

Beyond the matching process, it is also important to accompany the candidate and the client throughout the screening process and up to the absorption process. Our recruitment specialists at Extreme know how to support, and give advice throughout all stages of the process.

Among our services

• Outsourcing and placement, with an emphasis on technology companies and start-ups
• Managed services adapted to the customer's needs
• Consulting and professional guidance on technological recruitment issues
• HR and administration roles at the customer
• Sales & Digital positions

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Among our clients


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