Extreme Group

Extreme Group is a software group which provides end-to-end IT services to organizations in the Israeli and global markets, and specializes in technology recruitments.

The company was founded in 1997 by two Mamram graduates and was joined by other graduates of the IDF's computer units. Today the company includes hundreds of experts at the forefront of development technology, cyber and information security, infrastructure, automation and more.

The group includes hundreds of technology professionals and consists of three companies:
- Extreme Technologies - a leading software provider of IT services;
- Technological placement boutique - provides outsourcing and placement services for senior positions and experts in the high-tech and technology world;
- DBmaestro - a startup company which provides software products in the DevOps world, specializing in the database.

Among the company's services you can find comprehensive solutions for our customers, which include activity in a project models, outsourcing and solutions in the fields of software and hardware development, testing, cyber data security, software and hardware infrastructures, etc.

We are committed to enable our clients, whether giant companies or candidates seeking a new job, to successfully cope with the business and technological challenges while providing creative, innovative and leading solutions.

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