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I have been consistently impressed with Extreme's approach since the first day working with them. The team is very friendly, intelligent and hard-working. Our company had some ambitious recruitment needs. Extreme was always helpful and available, providing our company with top talent for our various projects. They thoroughly understood our needs and met some challenging deadlines. I would definitely work with them again! I’m sure that their efficiency will help others find good employees in this crazy reality we live in.
Roy Lauzon, VP R&D, DBmaestro

לפני מס' חודשים יצאנו לדרך והתחלנו לעבוד בשיתוף פעולה מלא עם חברת EXTREME.
ולנטינה מלווה ומובילה את הגיוס שלנו ללא דופי ובצורה מדהימה!
ע"י קשר טלפוני חם ונעים, יכולת הקשבה לצרכי החברה, שיתוף פעולה, סבלנות ואכפתיות.
חברת EXTREME בניצוחה של ולנטינה, עושה עבודה נפלאה במציאת המועמדים המתאימים ביותר וליווי מלא של כל התהליך.
אנחנו עובדים עם חברות מגוונות ומובילות בתחום הגיוס והעבודה עם חב' "אקסטרים", הינה יוצאת דופן!
רמת השרות, הן ברמה האישית והן ברמה המקצועית, עונה על כל גיוס שלנו.
ממליצה מאוד לעבוד מולם ולקבל שירות אדיב ומקצועי שנותן תחושת בית.
תודה לכם על כל העזרה, ההבנה וההקשבה, כל הכבוד לכם!

איילת צור, מנהלת משאבי אנוש, MYCHECK
I found out about EXTREME about a month and a half ago. Adi contacted me to help us find suitable candidates for our open positions. She told me that they had potential candidates who could match our requirements and that they work in a very orderly and precise method to match candidates to the requirements presented to them for various positions. And that’s exactly how it was. We set off working in full cooperation. Adi managed the recruitment flawlessly and amazingly! Alongside Adi was an additional team member who accompanied us professionally and was very experienced in recruitment, senior recruiter Asher Oren. A great listener, tuning into our needs, cooperative, pleasant, patient and basically doing a great job at pinpointing the precise candidate for our job requirement and following up with us throughout the whole process. EXTREME knows how to listen to customers and go the extra mile, even against all odds, in areas where others have been less successful. I highly recommend working with them, for a courteous, professional service that makes one feel at home. Thank you for all your help, understanding and listening!!! Well done!
Anat Maor, HR & Welfare Recruiter, CAVIUM
We have been working for many years with diverse recruitment companies. Working with our client manager at Extreme, Mr. Asher Oren is exceptional! The level of service, both on a personal and on a professional level, answers all our recruitment, urgent and complex as it may be. Extreme saves us valuable time filtering out candidates, who do not meet our requirements. The ability to be precise in choosing candidates, and a sensitive conduct with professional managers creates a special bond of trust and cooperation. We thank you for many successful recruitments of human capital, which are just right for our company.
Dana Salmon, Recruitment Manager, Telematics Wireless

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