EPD R&D Leader

מס' המשרה: 21335

שם המשרה: EPD R&D Leader

אזור: גוש דן

תיאור של המשרה:
לחברת הייטק גלובלית ומצליחה הממוקמת בקיסריה דרוש/ה EPD R&D Leader -

Position summary:
The Project manager is responsible for end-to-end deliveries of a project. Most Projects are related with Product Development but are not limited to. Projects are typically cross-functional in the areas of R&D, Design transfer and Process improvements and may be under the scope of a larger program or as independent task.


Responsible for formulating the (sub) project plan, in consultation with management and other parties concerned on base of the requirements
Responsible to organize the resources to be used (quality, time, budget and information) and specifies the quality standard in the processes.
Defines the risks of the project (e.g., specs, costs, planning) and develops scenarios to overcome these risks.
Directs employees and gives them operational guidance, both technically and organizationally (where necessary, directs sub-Project Leaders).
Responsible for implementation and realization according to the project plan (specification, quality, time, money, information) and organization.
Represents the (sub) project team in the overall program to optimize fit for use and overall effectiveness.
Reports on the progress of the project with an agreed frequency on quality, status, time, and money to senior management and to the project members.
Drive the execution of the activities. Manage in a process compliant way (audit-ready at any time) with a sense of urgency to time
Contribute to and adopt lean process improvements to become repeatable and cost-effective
Develop and execute according to common interfaces defined with other groups.
Drive the project through positive influential leadership
Demonstrate profession behavior and global mindset and be a “role-model”
Drive Problem Solving across the project to get optimal solutions

Education/Skills and Experience Requirements:

At least 3 years of intensive experience in one of the above fields
Experience in one or more of the following: System Engineering, System Integration, Project management or other equivalent technical leadership area
Excellent presentation skills to top management
Excellent verbal and written communication skills with English fluency


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