Application Security specialist

מס' המשרה: 20940

שם המשרה: Application Security specialist

אזור: גוש דן

תיאור של המשרה:
We are looking for an Application Security specialist.

You must be :

Passionate about cybersecurity with an Ethical Hacker mindset.
Be able to and explain technical details in a understandable manner.
Out-of-the-box thinking approach.
Good interpersonal ability of mentoring and developers

In your day by day :

You will be reporting to the CISO and will be leading all aspects of secure software life cycle.

In your role, you will take ownership of

- You will identify weaknesses in existing applications and new systems in all aspects of software life cycle.

- You will perform software risk assessments of systems and business processes

- Performing application security reviews and code reviews for our applications (Hands On testing)

- Guide development teams, for design and write a secure application and will assimilate among the development units the principles of Secure Coding, Best Practices and standards in the field of information security.

- Analyze business requirements, examine and recommend a solution for implementing information security guidelines.



Familiarity and experience in characterizing and writing information security risk assessment s for applications and information systems -Required

Working experience in the use of tools in the world of development (SAST / DAST) -Required

Experience working in a regulatory and standards-oriented environment - Required

Knowledge and experience in one of the languages ​​.Net, Nodejs, JAVA or PYTHON - Advantage

Experience in writing WEB systems and using databases - Advantage


Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work with technical staff and managers are required

Holds an academic degree or is a technician in the fields of computing and technology. Advantage


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