Information Security Expert

מס' המשרה: 20922

שם המשרה: Information Security Expert

אזור: גוש דן

תיאור של המשרה:
Looking for a talented and experienced Cyber Security Expert for security analyst position
You will be responsible for aligning our security compliance and regulative requirements

You will be responsible for preparing the business for the ISO27001, PCI-DSS and other certifications. You will work with the auditors and manage the process needed with other teams and BU

You will break down compliance requirements and verify that existing controls are adequate and define and oversee the implementation of new security controls
You will devise new policies and update existing ones while aligning with business processes
You will assist in reviewing security settings of various security and IT systems and confirm alignment with compliance requirements


Manage the GRC of the company

Prepare for ISO 27001 and PCI annual certifications

Prepare for other security audits

Assist with responding to security questionnaires

Review periodical vulnerability scanning, validate findings and prioritize patching with IT

Assist with responding to incident alerts (from the SoC and internal notifications)

Explore new options for enhancing the security level


Over three years of relevant security & GRC experience

Good understanding of organizational security risk concepts

Good knowledge and experience of PCI and ISO27001 requirements

Good knowledge vulnerability management, CVEs & CVSS - Windows, Linux and additional platforms

knowledge of AD security settings

Basic knowledge of Linux security settings

Background and understanding of OS hardening requirements

An advantage:

Hands-on experience with SIEM solution such as Splunk, Elastic

Good experience with Vulnerability Assessment tools such as Nessus

Hands-on experience with DLP systems

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