Product Manager - Infrastructure

מס' המשרה: 20872

שם המשרה: Product Manager - Infrastructure

אזור: גוש דן

תיאור של המשרה:
a global company is looking for a team player to join our product management team. 


Manage the planning and execution activities from concept to mass deployment 
Evaluate and prioritize market and customer requirements  
Define the product strategy and roadmap  
Coordinate with the engineering team to ensure high-quality deliveries 

Coordinate with the sales team to ensure that revenue goals and customer expectations are met 
Define, create, and deliver infrastructures for multi-service, integrated compute and networking solutions that address the challenges of the traditional routers in service providers and cloud providers’ environments 
Define, create, and deliver flexible infrastructures that are easily deployed and managed, have superior capabilities, and support automation and orchestration 
Work closely with product managers and infrastructure engineering groups to define requirements for high availability, reliability, security, and scale for existing and future capabilities of our software architecture  


Required Traits 


Positive attitude. Maintain a “can do” attitude, contribute, collaborate, and go the extra mile  
Leadership. Respect, encourage and motivate your team members, cross-functional teams in the organization, and your customers. Assume ownership and set an example 

Decisiveness. Make balanced decisions while considering deadlines, resource availability, and priority 
Creativity. Keep an open mind. You don’t need to think outside of the box. you need to redefine the box.  


Required Expertise 

5+ years of experience in product lifecycle management, writing product requirements, user stories, and collaborating with engineering to build a delivery plan 

Strong understanding of bare metal, virtualized (VMware/others), and containerized/Kubernetes environments. understanding of cloud-native architectures and cloud-native applications’ infrastructure requirements - Advantage 
In-depth knowledge of data center infrastructures, e.g., converged/hyperconverged/composable disaggregated infrastructure. knowledge of/experience with public cloud on-premises solutions - Advantage 
Excellent interpersonal communication skills (both verbal and written)  
Fluent in English 

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